「総角(Trefoil Knots)」の和歌

和 歌 サイデンステッカーさんの英訳
1 あげまきに長き契をむすびこめおなじところによりもあはなむ We knot these braids in trefoil. As braided threads
May our fates be joined, may we be together always.
2 ぬきもあへずもろき涙の玉の緒に長き契をいかがむすばん No way to thread my tears, so fast they flow;
As swiftly flows my life. Can such vows be?
3 山里のあはれ知らるゝ声声にとりあつめたる朝ぼらけかな The things by which one knows the mountain village
Are brought together in these voices of dawn.
4 鳥の音も聞こえぬ山と思ひしを世のうきことはたづね来にけり Deserted mountain depths where no birds sing,
I would have thought. But sorrow has come to visit.
5 おなじ枝を分きて染めける山姫にいづれか深き色ととはばや My mountain ladies have dyed it colors twain.
And which of the twain, please tel1 me, is the deeper?
6 山姫の染むるこゝろは分かねどもうつろふ方や深きなるらん Whatever the 'ladies' meant, the answer is clear:
The newer of these hues is far the deeper.
7 をみなへし咲ける大野をふせぎつゝ心せばくやしめを結ふらむ All the wide field abloom with maiden flowers!
Why must you string a rope to keep us out?
8 霧ふかきあしたの原のをみなへし心をよせて見る人ぞ見る The maiden flowers on the misty morning field
Are set aside for those who bestir themselves.
9 しるべせし我やかへりてまどふべき心もゆかぬ明けぐれの道 A futile night. The guide of yestereve
Seems doomed to wander lost down the twilight road.
10 かたがたにくらす心を思ひやれ人やりならぬ道にまどはば You walk a road you have chosen for yourself,
While helplessly we stumble on in darkness.
11 世のつねに思やすらむ露ふかき道の笹原わけて来つるも You cannot think that a trifling urge induced me
To brave, for you, that tangled, dew-drenched path?
12 小夜衣きてなれきとはいはずともかことばかりはかけずしもあらじ We did not share a bed, I hear you say.
But we were together, that I must insist.
13 へだてなき心ばかりは通ふともなれし紬とはかけじとぞ思ふ No barrier, perhaps, between our hearts;
But say not that our sleeves caress each other.
14 中絶えむものならなくに橋姫のかたしく袖や夜半にぬらさん The lady at the bridge may steep her sleeves
In lonely midnight tears-but not for long.
15 絶えせじのわがたのみにや宇治橋のはるけき中を待ちわたるべき That you will come again I do believe.
But must I wait for visits far between?
16 いつぞやも花のさかりにひとめ見し木のもとさへや秋はさびしき We saw yon trees in the spring, a blaze of flowers.
Beneath them too sad autumn now has stolen.
17 桜こそ思しらすれ咲きにほふ花も紅葉もつねならぬ世を With flowers that fade, with leaves that turn, they speak
Most surely of a world where all is fleeting.
18 いづこより秋は行けむ山里の紅葉のかげは過ぎうきものを Regretfully, we leave the autumn groves
Whence autumn, unobserved, has slipped away.
19 見し人もなき山里の岩垣に心ながくも這へる葛哉 The vine yet clings to the stone-walled mountain village,
Longer-lived than he whom once I knew.
20 秋はててさびしさまさる木のもとを吹なすぐしそ峰の松風 Blow not harshly, wind from the mountain pines,
Through trees where sadness waxes as autumn wanes.
21 若草のねみむものとは思はねどむすぼほれたる心ちこそすれ I do not propose to sleep among the young grasses.
But ensnared in them I must confess to be.
22 ながむるはおなじ雲井をいかなればおぼつかなさをそふる時雨ぞ The sky I see is the usual nighttime sky.
Then why tonight do the showers increase my longing?
23 あられふる深山の里は朝夕にながむる空もかきくらしつゝ Here in our hail-flogged village, deep in the mountains,
The skies upon which we gaze are forever cloudy.
24 霜さゆるみぎはの千鳥うちわびてなく音かなしき朝ぼらけかな Forlorn the dawn, when on the frosty bank
The plovers sound their melancholy notes.
25 あかつきの霜うちはらひ鳴ちどりもの思ふ人の心をや知る The plovers in the dawn, shaking off the frost:
Do they call to the heart of one now sunk in grief?
26 かきくもり日かげも見えぬ奥山に心をくらすころにもある哉 In mountains deep, where clouds turn back the sun,
Each day casts darker shadows upon my heart.
27 くれなゐに落つる涙もかひなきはかたみの色をそめぬなりけり Uselessly they fall, these blood-red tears,
For they do not dye these robes in black remembrance.
28 をくれじと空行月をしたふかなつゐにすむべきこの世ならねば My heart goes after yon retreating moon.
No home, this world m which to dwell forever.
29 恋わびて死ぬるくすりのゆかしきに雪の山にや跡を消なまし Deep in the Snowy Mountains* would I vanish,
In search of the brew that is death for those who love.
30 来しかたを思ひいづるもはかなきを行すゑかけてなに頼むらん Unsure has been the road over which I look back.
What can I know of the road that lies ahead?
31 行すゑをみじかき物と思ひなば目のまへにだにそむかざらなん The road ahead must needs be short, you tell me?
Then let us presume upon it while we may.