「竹河(Bamboo River)」の和歌

和 歌 サイデンステッカーさんの英訳
1 おりてみばいとぐ匂もまさるやとすこし色めけ梅の初花 Come, young buds―a smile is what we need,
To tell us that, taken in hand, you would be more fragrant.
2 よそにてはもぎ木なりとやさだむらんしたに匂へる梅の初花 A barren, blossomless tree. I have heard it called.
At heart it bursts even now into richest bloom.
3 人はみな花に心をうつすらむひとりぞまどふ春の夜の闇 Everyone is thinking of the blossoms,
And I am left alone in springtime darkness.
4 おりからやあはれも知らむ梅の花たじかばかりに移りしもせし There is a time and place for everything.
The plum is not uniquely worthy of notice.
5 竹かはのはしうちいでし一ふしにふかき心のそこはしりきや Deep down in the bamboo river we sang of
Did you catch an echo of deep intentions?
6 竹河に夜をふかさじといそぎしもいかなるふしを思ひをかまし A word about a river and off you ran,
And left us to make what we would of unseemly haste.
7 桜ゆへ風に心のさはぐかな思ひぐまなき花と見る見る They did not choose to come when I summoned them,
And yet I tremble to see them go away.
8 咲くと見てかつは散りぬる花なれば負くるを深きうらみとせず A gust of wind, and promptly they are gone.
My grief is not intense at the loss of such weaklings.
9 風に散ることは世の常枝ながらうつろふ花をただにしも見じ These flowers must fall. It is the way of the world.
But do not demean the tree that came to me.
10 心ありて池のみぎはに落つる花あわとなりても我方に寄れ You have given yourselves to us, and now you fall
At the water's edge. Come drifting to us as foam.
11 大空の風に散れどもさくら花をのが物とぞかきつめて見る The winds have sent them falling to the ground,
But I shall pick them up, for they are ours.
12 桜花にほひあまたに散らさじとおほふばかりの袖はありやは We have not sleeves that cover all the vast heavens.
We yet may wish to keep these fragrant petals.
13 つれなくて過ぐる月日をかぞへつつ物うらめしき暮の春かな The days go by, quite heedless of my longing.
Already we come to the end of a bitter spring.
14 いでやなぞ数ならぬ身にかなはぬは人に負けじの心なりけり Everything is against me and yet I go on hating to lose.
The one thing I cannot overcome is a hatred of losing.
15 わりなしや強きによらむ勝ち負けを心ひとつにいかがまかする A nod from you is all it takes to win?
This somehow seems at odds with reality.
16 あはれとて手をゆるせかし生き死にを君にまかする我身とならば Pity me yet once more and lead me to her,
Assured that life and death are in your hands.
17 花を見て春は暮らしつけふよりやしげきなげきのしたにまどはむ Spring went off with the blossoms that left the trees.
I wander lost under trees in mournful leaf.
18 けふぞ知る空をながむる気色にて花に心をうつしけりとも At last I understand. This mournful mien
Conceals a facile delight with showy blossoms.
19 あはれてふ常ならぬ世の一言もいかなる人にかくる物ぞは When all is evanescence we all are sad,
And whose affairs dose 'sad' most aptly describe?
20 いける世の死には心にまかせねば聞かでややまむ君が一言 How true. We live, we die, not as we ask,
And I must die without that one word 'sad.'
21 手にかくる物にしあらば藤の花松よりまさる色を見ましや These blossoms, were they more within our reach,
Might seem to be of finer hue than the pine.
22 むらさきの色はかよへど藤の花心にえこそかからざりけれ It is the lavender of all such flowers,
And yet it is not as I wish it were.
23 竹河のその夜のことは思出づやしのぶばかりのふしはなけれど 'Bamboo River,' not my favorite song,
But somewhat striking, its effect last night."
24 流れてのたのめむなしき竹河に世はうきものと思ひ知りにき I looked to the bamboo river. It has run dry
And left an arid, barren world behind it.

※8首目 青表紙本、別本、河内本
※21首目 陽明家本
「まさる - まさ(こゆる)る」