和 歌 サイデンステッカーさんの英訳
1 浦風やいかに吹らむ思ひやる袖うち濡らし波間なきころ What do they work, the sea winds down at Suma?
At home, my sleeves are assaulted by wave after wave.
2 海にます神のたすけにかからずは潮のやをあひにさすらへなまし Without the staying hand of the king of the sea
The roar of the eight hundred waves would have taken us under.
3 はるかにも思ひやるかな知らざりし浦よりをちに浦づたひして Yet farther away, upon the beach at Akashi,
My thoughts of a distant city, and of you.
4 あはと見る淡路の島のあはれさへ残るくまなく澄める夜の月 Awaji in the moonlight, like distant foam:
From these cloudly sovereign heights it seems so near.
5 ひとり寝は君も知りぬやつれづれと思ひあかしのうらさびしさを Do you too know the sadness of the nights
On the shore of Akashi with only thoughts for companions?
6 旅ごろもうらがなしさにあかしかね草の枕は夢もむすばず The traveler passes fretful nights at Akashi.
The grass which he reaps for his pillow reaps no dreams.
7 をちこちも知らぬ雲居にながめわびかすめし宿の木ずゑをぞとふ Do I catch, as I gaze into unresponsive skies,
A glimpse of a grove of which I have had certain tidings?
8 ながむらんおなじ雲居をながむるは思ひもおなじ思ひなるらむ She gazes into the skies into which you gaze.
May they bring your thoughts and hers into some accord.
9 いぶせくも心にものをなやむかなやよやいかにと問ふ人もなみ Unwillingly reticent about my sorrows
I still must be―for no one makes inquiry.
10 思ふらん心のほどややよいかにまだ見ぬ人の聞きかなやまむ Unwillingly reticent―how can it be so?
How can you sorrow for someone you have not met?
11 秋の夜の月げの駒よわが恋ふる雲居をかけれ時の間も見ん Race on through the moonlit sky. O roan-colored horse.
And let me be briefly with her for whom I long.
12 むつごとを語りあはせむ人もがなうき世の夢もなかばさむやと Would there were someone with whom I might share my thoughts
And so dispel some part of these sad dreams.
13 明けぬ夜にやがてまどへる心にはいづれを夢とわきて語らむ You speak to one for whom the night has no end.
How can she tell the dreaming from the waking?
14 しほしほとまづぞ泣かるるかりそめのみるめは海人のすさびなれども It was but the fisherman's brush with the salty sea pine
Followed by a tide of tears of longing.
15 うらなくも思ひけるかな契りしを松より波はこえじ物ぞと Naive of me, perhaps; yet we did make our vows.
And now see the waves that wash the Mountain of Waiting!
16 このたびは立ち別るとも藻塩焼くけぶりはおなじ方になびかむ Even though we now must part for a time,
The smoke from these briny fires will follow me.
17 かきつめて海人のたく藻の思ひにもいまはかひなきうらみだにせじ Smoldering thoughts like the sea grass burned on these shores.
And what good now to ask for anything more?
18 猶ざりに頼めをくめるひとことを尽きせぬ音にやかけてしのばん One heedless word, one koto, to set me at rest.
In the sound of it the sound of my weeping, forever.
19 あふまでのかたみに契る中の緒の調べはことにかはらざらなむ Do not change the middle string* of this koto,
Unchanging I shall be till we meet again.
20 うち捨てて立つもかなしき浦波のなごりいかにと思ひやるかな Sad the retreating waves at leaving this shore.
Sad I am for you, remaining after.
21 年経つる苫屋も荒れてうき波のかへるかたにや身をたぐへまし You leave, my reed-roofed hut will fall to ruin.
Would that I might go out with these waves.
22 寄る波にたちかさねたる旅衣しほどけしとや人のいとはむ I made it for you, but the surging brine has wet it.
And might you find it unpleasant and cast it off?
23 かたみにぞかふべかりけるあふことの日かず隔てん中のころもを Take it. this middle robe, let it be the symbol
Of days uncounted but few between now and then.
24 世をうみにここらしほじむ身と成て猶この岸をえこそ離れね Though weary of life, seasoned by salty winds,
I am not able to leave this shore behind,
25 宮こ出でし春の嘆きにおとらめや年ふる浦をわかれぬる秋 I wept upon leaving the city in the spring.
I weep in the autumn on leaving this home by the sea.
26 わたつ海にしなへうらぶれ蛭の子の脚立たざりし年は経にけり Cast out upon the sea. I passed the years
As useless as the leech child of the gods.
27 宮柱めぐりあひける時しあれば別れし春のうらみのこすな The leech child's parents met beyond the pillar.
We meet again to forget the spring of parting.
28 嘆きつつあかしの浦に朝露のたつやと人を思ひやるかな I wonder, do the morning mists yet rise,
There at Akashi of the lonely nights?
29 須磨の浦に心をよせし舟人のやがて朽たせる袖をみせばや There once came tidings from a boat at Suma,
From one who now might show You sodden sleeves.
30 帰てはかことやせまし寄せたりしなごりに袖の干がたかりしを It is I, not you, from whom the complaints should come.
My sleeves have refused to dry since last you wrote.