和 歌 サイデンステッカーさんの英訳
1 鳥辺山もえし煙もまがふやとあまの塩焼くうらみにぞ行く
There on the shore, the salt burners' fires await me.
Will their smoke be as the smoke over Toribe Moor?
2 なき人の別れやいとど隔たらむ煙となりし雲井ならでは
Farther retreats the day when we bade her goodbye,
For now you depart the skies that received the smoke.
3 身はかくてさすらへぬとも君があたり去らぬ鏡の影は離れじ
I now must go into exile In this mirror
An image of me will yet remain beside you.
4 別れても影だにとまるものならば鏡を見てもなぐさめてまし
If when we part an image yet remains,
Then will I find some comfort in my sorrow.
5 月影の宿れる袖はせばくともとめても見ばやあかぬ光を
Narrow these sleeves, now lodging for the moonlight.
Would they might keep a light which I do not tire of.
6 行きめぐりつゐにすむべき月影のしばし雲らむ空なながめそ
The moon will shine upon this house once more.
Do not look at the clouds which now conceal it:
7 あふ瀬なきなみだの河に沈みしや流るるみおのはじめなりけむ
Snagged upon the shoals of this river of tears,
I cannot see you. Deeper waters await me.
8 なみだがは浮かぶみなはも消えぬべし流れてのちの瀬をも待たずて
The foam on the river of tears will disappear
Short of the shoals of meeting that wait downstream.
9 見しはなくあるはかなしき世の果てを背きしかひもなくなくぞ経る
The one whom I served is gone, the other must go.
Farewell to the world was no farewell to its sorrows.
10 別れしにかなしき事は尽きにしをまたぞこの世のうさはまされる
The worst of grief for him should long have passed.
And now I must leave the world where dwells the child.
11 ひき連れて葵かざししそのかみを思へばつらし賀茂の瑞垣
There was heartvine in our caps. I led your horse.
And now at this jeweled fence I berate the gods.
12 うき世をばいまぞ別るるとどまらむ名をばただすの神にまかせて
I leave this world of gloom. I leave my name
To the offices of the god who rectifies.
13 なきかげやいかが見るらむよそへつつながむる月も雲がくれぬる
And how does he look upon me? I raise my eyes.
And the moon now vanishes behind the clouds.
14 いつかまた春のみやこの花を見ん時うしなへる山がつにして
When shall I, a ragged, rustic outcast,
See again the blossoms of the city?
15 咲きてとく散るはうけれどゆく春は花のみやこを立ち帰り見よ
Quickly the blossoms fall. Though spring departs,
You will come again. I know, to a city of flowers.
16 生ける世の別れを知らで契りつつ命を人にかぎりけるかな
At least for this life we might make our vows, we thought.
And so we vowed that nothing would ever part us.
17 おしからぬ命にかへて目の前の別れをしばしとどめてしかな
I would give a life for which I have no regrets
If it might postpone for a little the time of parting.
18 唐国に名を残しける人よりもゆくゑしられぬ家居をやせむ
More remote I fear, my place of exile
Than storied ones in lands beyond the seas.
19 ふるさとを峰の霞はへだつれどながむる空はおなじ雲井か
Mountain mists cut off that ancient village.
Is the sky I see the sky that shelters it?
20 松島のあまの苫屋もいかならむ須磨の浦人しほたるるころ
Briny our sleeves on the Suma strand; and yours
In the fisher cots of thatch at Matsushima?
21 こりずまの浦のみるめのゆかしきを塩焼くあまやいかが思はん
At Suma unchastened, one longs for the deep-lying sea pine.
And she, the fisher lady burning salt?
22 しほたるることをやくにて松島に年ふるあまもなげきをぞつむ
The nun of Matsushima burns the brine
And fuels the fires with the logs of her lamenting,
23 浦にたくあまたにつつむこひなればくゆる煙よ行く方ぞなき
The fisherwife burns salt and hides her fires
And strangles, for the smoke has no escape.
24 浦人のしほくむ袖にくらべみよ波路へだつる夜のころもを
Taking brine on that strand, let him compare
His dripping sleeves with these night sleeves of mine.
25 うきめ刈る伊勢をの海人を思ひやれ藻塩たるてふ須磨の浦にて
Imagine, at Suma of the dripping brine,
The woman of Ise, gathering briny sea grass.
26 伊勢島や潮干の潟にあさりてもいふかひなきは我身なりけり
The tide recedes along the coast of Ise.
No hope, no promise in the empty shells.
27 伊勢人の浪のうへこぐ小舟にもうきめは刈らで乗らましものを
With the lady of Ise I might have ridden small boats
That row the waves, and avoided dark sea tangles.
28 海人がつむなげきのなかにしほたれていつまで須磨の浦にながめむ
How long, dripping brine on driftwood logs,
On logs of lament, must I gaze at this Suma coast?
29 荒れまさる軒のしのぶをながめつつしげくも露のかかる袖かな
Ferns of remembrance weigh cur eaves ever more,
And heavily falls the dew upon our sleeves.
30 恋わびてなく音にまがふ浦波は思ふかたより風や吹くらん
The waves on the strand, like moans of helpless longing.
The winds―like messengers from those who grieve?
31 初雁は恋しき人のつらなれや旅の空とぶ声のかなしき
Might they be companions of those I long for?
Their cries ring sadly through the sky of their journey.
32 かきつらねむかしのことぞ思ほゆる雁はその世の友ならねども
I know not why they bring these thoughts of old,
These wandering geese. They were not then my comrades.
33 こころから常世を捨ててなく雁をくものよそにも思ひけるかな
No colleagues of mine, these geese beyond the clouds.
They chose to leave their homes, and I did not.
34 常世いでて旅の空なる雁がねもつらにをくれぬほどぞなぐさむ
Sad are their cries as they wing their way from home.
They still find solace, for they still have comrades.
35 見るほどぞしばしなぐさむめぐりあはん月のみやこははるかなれども
So long as I look upon it I find comfort,
The moon which comes again to the distant city.
36 うしとのみひとへにものは思ほえでひだりみぎにもぬるる袖かな
Not bitter thoughts alone does this singlet bring.
Its sleeves are damp with tears of affection too.
37 琴の音にひきとめらるる綱手縄たゆたう心君しるらめや
Now taut, now slack, like my unruly heart,
The tow rope is suddenly still at the sound of a koto.
38 心ありてひきての綱のたゆたはばうち過ぎましや須磨のうら浪
Why, if indeed your heart is like the tow rope,
Unheeding must you pass this strand of Suma?
39 山がつのいほりに焚けるしばしばもこと問ひ来なん恋ふるさと人
Over and over the rural ones light fires.
Not so unflagging the urban ones with their visits.
40 いづかたの雲路に我もまよひなむ月の見るらむこともはづかし
All aimless is my journey through the clouds.
It shames me that the unswerving moon should see me.
41 友千鳥もろ声に鳴くあか月はひとり寝さめの床もたのもし
.Cries of plovers in the dawn bring comfort
To one who awakens in a lonely bed.
42 いつとなく大宮人の恋しきに桜かざししけふを来にけり
Fond thoughts I have of the noble ones on high,
And the day of the flowered caps has come again.
43 ふるさとをいづれの春か行きて見んうらやましきは帰るかりがね
In what spring tide will I see again my old village?
I envy the geese, returning whence they came
44 あかなくにかりの常世を立ち別れ花のみやこに道やまどはむ
Sad are the geese to leave their winter's lodging.
Dark my way of return to the flowery city.
45 雲ちかく飛びかふ鶴もそらに見よ我は春日のくもりなき身ぞ
Look down upon me, cranes who skim the clouds,
And see me unsullied as this cloudless day.
46 たづかなき雲井にひとりねをぞ泣くつばさ並べし友を恋つつ
Lonely the voice of the crane among the clouds.
Gone the comrade that once flew at its side.
47 知らざりし大海の原に流れきてひとかたにやはものはかなしき
Cast away to drift on an alien vastness,
I grieve for more than a doll cast out to sea.
48 やをよろづ神もあはれと思ふらむをかせる罪のそれとなければ
You eight hundred myriad gods must surely help me,
For well you know that blameless I stand before you.